Undelete Lost Mp3 Files from iPhone 5 after Factory Settings Restore

Did you lose your mp3 files from your iPhone 5 following a factory restore? Don’t have an idea how to recover those files back? Well, you are at the right place then..

iphone 5 mp3 recovery after restore

iPhone 5 although uses the most advanced iO6 operating system and A6 processor, still things work pretty much same around it alike previous versions. Restoring iPhone 5 to its factory settings is done in the event if there arose an issue such as a damage caused to phone when downloading an untrusted application or if a jailbreak process doesn’t conclude the way you wanted that to. This process is done in the same way, i.e. using iTunes. After a restore, although the phone firmware is fixed entirely, but you lose all the data including your mp3 files.


Many of you would certainly know that iTunes automatic sync option creates a backup of the entire documents and data of an iPhone before a restore actually happens. So, the first solution to undelete mp3 files from iPhone 5 is using an updated backup and restoring the same through iTunes.

Using iTunes to restore iPhone 5 mp3 files

Immediately after a restore is completed, iPhone is restarted and following this, iTunes comes with two options..

  • Set up as a new iPhone
  • Restore from a backup

choose the later one if you want to fill up your iPhone with the same data again.

I forgot to sync my iPhone before restore, what should I do now?

Several people make this kind of mistake i.e. they don’t choose automatic sync option before doing a restore or if the option doesn’t show up, they forget to sync their iPhone 5 manually and this happens as a result. So, you can rejoice now because with iPhone recovery software, you still have the option to retrieve mp3 files back into iPhone 5 safely and quickly.

The iPhone recovery software available in two versions i.e. for Mac and Windows users respectively uses an advanced scanning to extract long forgotten data. With its help, you can recover data from an exisiting iTunes backup or from iPhone 5 direclty, hence it is an absolute application in itself so that you dont’ have to explore other things on the web.

iPhone recovery software can be used to recover deleted photos from iPhone 4, iPhone 3, 4S and 3GS as well.

Mentioned below are the steps you can use to undelete mp3 files direclty from the iOS device or iTunes backup.

Note: Download the software by clicking the free download button below. However, it is an evaluation version and intended just to scan and preview. Once you are convinced by the performance, you can buy the same by clicking on the “Buy Now” button.


How to Restore mp3 files from iPhone 5 After Restore

Recover from iOS Devices Directly

Step – 1 :- Download and install the tool. Launch it and enter DFU mode. Follow the instructions on the main interface. Don’t forget to connect your iPhone 5 for recovery.

Step – 2 :- The next interface will show you a whole list of photos, videos, music formats. Select the ones that you wish to recover followed by clicking recover button. This utility will show preview of the recoverable files before actual recovery.

Recovering from iTunes Backup

Step – 1 :Browse and select location of iTunes backup. After this click on Start Scan button to make the software search.

Step – 2 :- After scanning is complete, you will get a complete list of music files or other data in the backup file. Now select those you wish to recover. Click on Recover button then to continue recovering files after factory reset of iPhone 5.


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